Friends don't let friends buy Nationwide Insurance.
"People who choose to insure with Nationwide should be required to be on a national registry that warns neighbors of their poor  decision"
                              Nationwide Insurance Claims number 1-800-421-3535 Columbus Ohio - aka EVIL EMPIRE                               

           Nationwide Insurance Sucks  
DON'T  BUY  IT !          
Nationwide Insurance Sucks IT                                               

Nationwide Insurance commits fraud, acts in bad faith, lies, obstructs justice, is negligent and criminal....Yet honest claimant prevails.

"Bad faith" on part of insurer is any frivolous or unfounded refusal to pay proceeds of a policy - 4 New Nationwide Insurance Bad Faith Judgements

Nationwide insurance figured they could come out ahead by scewing me and buy their NASCAR   -  A Thorn Stuck in Your Side

They charged me a $106.00 cancellation fee and told me “Tough luck - that's how it is" - Nationwide is a pack of thieves !

Nationwide Insurance is not on the employees’ side, not on the customers side, it is not on the side of anyone except the top execs. .
I encourage all that read this to boycott Nationwide Insurance products and tell your family and friends to the same.......
so bad

Nationwide Insurance is on your side.....Unless you are a Katrina Storm Victim - Nationwide Ins. Twilight Zone

"The NY State Insurance Board is not surprised by my complaint"... Beware of Nationwide Insurance.

"Nationwide Insurace Company has 32 aliases".    Why does Nationwide Insurance choose to hide their identity?
Nationwide Insurance sues a 10 yr. old for negligent cycling......mother distraught.
"People who choose to insure with Nationwide should be required to be on a national registry that warns neighbors of their poor decision."

Pastor says
"Nationwide is such a big company that can take advantage of people"......Calls Pastor a liar 

"It's a story showing how Nationwide Insurance sells insurance and then lies" get outof paying legitimate clams

Nationwide claims adjuster removes crutial evidence in attempt to deny and commit fraud.....Nationwide crooked claims persons

"I soon discovered that their "Blue Ribbon" shops have a secret agreement with Nationwide Insurance"....Fraudulent Secret Deals

I am beginning to wonder if nationwide is really on my side????  Deny and delay when will claimants go away?    It's your fault you had an accident                   

"If what happened to Billy happens to you, I can guarantee you that you will be begging for an artificial disk". ...Dr. tells it.

"Its disgusting that your company is refusing to pay for Bill's medically necessary, FDA approved surgery.
You have 175 billion dollar Co. and NASCAR. 
How greedy your company is that you won't pay for a covered surg,."....greedy, greedy.

"It's not right, it's not fair and we all need to stand together to put a stop to these insurance companies"...... classic ripoff.

"I will advise everyone I know to avoid your company"......I am glad I don't have Nationwide Insurance.

"Nationwide slogan is on your side should be more like stuck on your side".....BIG STUCK

Nationwide Insurance have continually acted in bad faith, claimsperson is a downright liar.  Nationwide Insurance really Sucks .IT

"The NY State Insurance Board is not surprised by my complaint"... Beware of Nationwide Insurance.

"I was shocked the first time I heard a story about someone made homeless by a work-related injury":  Back in Pain – A Blog by Rob

Paula, a nurse blinded at work, tried to handcuff herself to the handrail at State  of CT office in protest .....nurses' story.

Workers Compensation says 10 years chronic back pain in not medically necessary surgery after patient dies....sad but true

Nationwide Sucks, is unresponsive, uncooperative, negligent, I am canceling my policy, ripped off by Nationwide Ins. ...And 157 other complaints

We need to put an end to the racketering and corruption being committed by Nationwide. .... "On Your Side" is an outright fabrication.

Declaring that the actions of Nationwide Insurance illegal... constitute a violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Nationwide Insurance again under Federal attack most serious....guilty of Civil Rights Violations

Nationwide denies auto claim.....Claimant wins in court.

Nationwide Insurance denies homeowners claim....Claimant wins in court, lawyers win $ 2 million.

Nationwide Insurance Employee tells all about ..... THE EVIL EMPIRE

 "Workers Compensation Commissioner Frankl lacks the judicial temperament and sound judgement necessary
when you put peoples lives in someone's hand."
  quote by Chair of Labor Committee Represenative James O'Rourke.

"You Wouldn't have attorney involvement if people were getting the benefits they were owed." CT Trail Lawyers Assoc.

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Would you please consider calling Nationwide  VP Martin Hynes (1-614-249-8065) and Governor Malloy 860-566-4840

Please call Nationwide Claims  1-800-421-3535 and tell them to cut the b.s. and Pay Up.

                               Tell them to:                   

Nationwide Insurance Field Office
Nationwide Insurance
 Field Office

Pay Billy                                               


To report Connecticut Workers Compensation Corruption
or send your Nationwide Insurance story to :
Mail to: - PO Box 3951, Manchester, CT 06045